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DR John Gehris

404 Westwood Ave, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 882-2433

Phone: (336) 882-2433

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Website: http://www.regionalphysicians.com

Years in Business: 15 Years

Neighborhoods Served: Downtown High Point

Other Areas Served: Physicians & Surgeons, Oncology, Orthopedics, Plastic & Reconstructive, Physical Therapists, Nutrition, Pediatrics, Surgery-General, Public Health, Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine, Allergy & Immunology, Cosmetic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, Gynecology, Dermatology, Neurology, Radiology, Endocrinology, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Sleep Disorders, Skin Care, Sexual Dysfunction, Urology, Obstetrics, Nose & Throat), Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Mental Health Services, Diabetes & Metabolism, Surgery Centers, Family Medicine & General Practice, Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Weight Loss Management


Dr. Jennifer A League-Sobon, MD

1720 Westchester Dr, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 883-4296

Phone: (336) 883-4296

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Website: http://www.regionalphysicians.com

Neighborhoods Served: Emerywood Forest

Other Areas Served: Obstetrics, Nose & Throat), Urology, Skin Care, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Oncology, Sleep Disorders, Radiology, Mental Health Services, Family Medicine & General Practice, Physical Therapists, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Surgery Centers, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Weight Loss Management, Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Endocrinology, Cosmetic Surgery, Allergy & Immunology, Clinics, Sexual Dysfunction, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nutrition, Occupational Medicine, Surgery-General, Sports Medicine, Diabetes & Metabolism, Occupational Therapists, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Plastic & Reconstructive, Physicians & Surgeons


Dr. Shawn S Stewart, MD

606 N Elm St, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 889-8877

Phone: (336) 889-8877

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Website: http://www.regionalphysicians.com

Years in Business: 32 Years

Neighborhoods Served: Downtown High Point

Other Areas Served: Nose & Throat), Surgery-General, Gynecology, Nutrition, Allergy & Immunology, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Family Medicine & General Practice, Skin Care, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Sexual Dysfunction, Dermatology, Sports Medicine, Sleep Disorders, Neurology, Oncology, Physical Therapists, Psychiatry, Cosmetic Surgery, Mental Health Services, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, Weight Loss Management, Surgery Centers, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Pediatrics, Physicians & Surgeons, Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Internal Medicine, Diabetes & Metabolism, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Urology, Plastic & Reconstructive, Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Radiology


Cornerstone Health Care

1701 Westchester Dr, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 802-2400

Phone: (336) 802-2400

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Website: http://www.cornerstonehealth.com

Years in Business: 23 Years

Neighborhoods Served: Emerywood Forest

Payment Method: Visa, All Major Credit Cards, Insurance, Amex, Mastercard, Discover


Edward Boudreau DR

1692 Nc Highway 68 N Ste E, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 644-6446

Phone: (336) 644-6446

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Website: http://www.oakridgesalamachiropractic.com

Years in Business: 8 Years

Other Areas Served: Surgery-General, Family Medicine & General Practice, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Psychiatry, Nutrition, Pain Management, Weight Loss Management, Sports Medicine, Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Radiology, Neurology, Physicians & Surgeons, Mental Health Services, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Chiropractors & Chiropractic Services, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Physical Therapists


William S Fisher III MD

280 Broad St Ste C, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 993-2366

Phone: (336) 993-2366

Open Hours

Website: http://www.piedmontent.com

Years in Business: 24 Years

Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards, Check

Other Areas Served: Endocrinology, Mental Health Services, Infectious Diseases, Sleep Disorders, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Weight Loss Management, Pain Management, Nose & Throat), Plastic & Reconstructive, Psychiatry, Allergy & Immunology, Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Public Health, Skin Care, Ophthalmology, Physical Therapists, Oncology, Family Medicine & General Practice, Dermatology, Physicians & Surgeons, Diabetes & Metabolism, Surgery-General


DR Jennifer Sobon

2401 Hickswood Rd, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 885-9675

Phone: (336) 885-9675

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Website: http://www.regionalphysicians.com

Other Areas Served: Physicians & Surgeons, Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nutrition, Mental Health Services, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Radiology, Sleep Disorders, Diabetes & Metabolism, Allergy & Immunology, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine & General Practice, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgery-General, Gynecology, Nose & Throat), Sports Medicine, Urology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Surgery Centers, Dermatology, Sexual Dysfunction, Obstetrics, Physical Therapists, Plastic & Reconstructive, Skin Care, Cosmetic Surgery, Weight Loss Management


Stokes County Environmental

1014 Nc 8 And 89 Hwy N, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 593-2403

Phone: (336) 593-2403

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Website: http://www.co.stokes.nc.us/health


Jennifer Taylor At Rituals

712 N Elm St, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 499-2684 | Customercare@ritualsnc.com

Phone: (336) 499-2684

Email: Customercare@ritualsnc.com

Open Hours

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Website: http://www.ritualsmedispa.com

Years in Business: 7 Years

BBB Rating: A+

Neighborhoods Served: Downtown High Point

Payment Method: Mastercard, Visa, Check, Amex, Discover


Grange Karyn W MD

420 W Mountain St, Winston Salem Nc

(336) 993-1618

Phone: (336) 993-1618

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Website: http://www.kernersvilleprimarycare.com

Other Areas Served: Mental Health Services, Neurology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Weight Loss Management, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Gynecology, Family Medicine & General Practice, Sexual Dysfunction, Rehabilitation Services, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Physicians & Surgeons, Psychiatry, Allergy & Immunology, Gastroenterology (Stomach & Intestines), Emergency Medicine