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Fifth Ave Surgery Center

1049 5th Ave, Corona

(212) 772-6667

Phone: (212) 772-6667

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Website: http://www.fifthavenuesurgerycenter.com

Years in Business: 5 Years

Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards, Master Card, Visa, Amex, Cash, Check, Discover

Other Areas Served: Surgery Centers


Kleinman Toriello MD

7815 Eliot Ave, Corona

(718) 458-8944

Phone: (718) 458-8944

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Website: http://www.orthopedicspecialistsofmaryland.com

Years in Business: 12 Years

Other Areas Served: Plastic & Reconstructive, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatry, Vascular Surgery, Gynecology, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Orthodontists, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Endocrinology, Nuclear Medicine, Physicians & Surgeons, Sleep Disorders, Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Surgery-General, Physical Therapists, Emergency Medicine, Public Health, Family Medicine & General Practice, Surgery Centers, Dermatology, Hand Surgery, Podiatrists, Diabetes & Metabolism, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Radiology, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Mental Health Services, Orthopedics, Oncology, Rehabilitation Services, Pediatrics, Skin Care, Neurology


Alvin M Bregman MD

14601 45th Ave Ste 307, Corona

(718) 353-1100

Phone: (718) 353-1100

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Website: http://www.orthopedicspecialistsofnewyork.com

Years in Business: 24 Years

Payment Method: Check

Other Areas Served: Physical Therapists, Dermatology, Podiatrists, Gynecology, Pain Management, Orthodontists, Diabetes & Metabolism, Surgery-General, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Family Medicine & General Practice, Occupational Therapists, Plastic & Reconstructive, Orthopedics, Skin Care, Psychiatry, Public Health, Mental Health Services, Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Surgery Centers, Emergency Medicine, Oncology, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Physicians & Surgeons, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Endocrinology, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Hand Surgery, Pediatrics, Sleep Disorders, Sports Medicine, Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Rehabilitation Services


850 Park Surgical Center

850 Park Ave, Corona

(212) 988-0463

Phone: (212) 988-0463

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Website: http://antell-md.com

Payment Method: Amex, Cash, Check, Discover, Master Card, Visa

Other Areas Served: Surgery Centers


Manhattan Minimally Invasive & Bariatric Surgery P

130 E 77th St, Corona

(212) 434-3285

Phone: (212) 434-3285

Open Hours

Website: http://ebariatricsurgery.com

Payment Method: Amex, Master Card, Visa

Other Areas Served: Surgery Centers


Advanced Urologic Institute

8593 66th Ave Suite 2, Corona

(800) 818-1720

Phone: (800) 818-1720

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Website: http://auiny.com

Years in Business: 19 Years

Accreditation: Diplomat of the American Board of Urology Urology Board Certified New York Medical License

Payment Method: Visa, Master Card, Amex, Check

Other Areas Served: Urgent Care, Urology, Surgery Centers, Medical Clinics, Physicians & Surgeons, Medical Centers


O'Connor Daniel R MD

9438 58th Ave, Corona

(718) 393-3900

Phone: (718) 393-3900

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://www.orthopedicspecialistsofnewyork.com

Years in Business: 9 Years

Payment Method: Amex, All Major Credit Cards, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa

Other Areas Served: Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Pediatrics, Nuclear Medicine, Plastic & Reconstructive, Radiology, Endocrinology, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Occupational Therapists, Hand Surgery, Physicians & Surgeons, Pediatrics-Orthopedics, Dermatology, Neurology, Rehabilitation Services, Pain Management, Sleep Disorders, Diabetes & Metabolism, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Skin Care, Emergency Medicine, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Gynecology, Public Health, Podiatrists, Pediatrics-Orthopedic Surgery, Psychiatry, Vascular Surgery, Surgery Centers, Orthodontists, Family Medicine & General Practice, Oncology, Mental Health Services, Sports Medicine, Surgery-General, Physical Therapists, Orthopedics


Englinton Medical Pc

9525 Jamaica Ave Ste 1, Corona

(718) 441-4070

Phone: (718) 441-4070

Open Hours

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Website: http://www.englintonmedical.com

Years in Business: 17 Years

Payment Method: Master Card, Visa, Mastercard, All Major Credit Cards, Debit, Insurance

Other Areas Served: Internal Medicine, Sleep Disorders, Public Health, Clinics, Physical Therapists, Surgery-General, Physicians & Surgeons, Surgery Centers, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Pain Management, Orthopedics, Family Medicine & General Practice, Weight Loss Management, Neurology, Sports Medicine


Berkowitz Dov MD

8002 Kew Gardens Rd, Corona

(718) 575-5454

Phone: (718) 575-5454

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Website: http://www.advancedorthopaedics.net

Years in Business: 21 Years

Payment Method: Insurance

Other Areas Served: Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Radiology, Podiatrists, Dermatology, Hand Surgery, Orthopedics, Physicians & Surgeons, Neurology, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Surgery Centers, Surgery-General, Physical Therapists, Family Medicine & General Practice, Sports Medicine


Alioela Dental

8327 Talbot St, Corona

(718) 805-2093

Phone: (718) 805-2093

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://www.queensdentistry.net

Years in Business: 11 Years

Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards, Insurance

Other Areas Served: Orthodontists, Dentists, Surgery Centers, Implant Dentistry