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Al-Anon Family Groups

(530) 376-0159

Phone: (530) 376-0159

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Website: https://www.ncwsa.org/d4

Payment Method: Mastercard, Check, Amex, Visa, Discover

Other Areas Served: Alcoholism Information & Treatment Centers, Drug Abuse & Addiction Centers, Counseling Services


American In-Home Care

(888) 273-5196

Phone: (888) 273-5196

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Website: http://www.americaninhomecare.com

Years in Business: 26 Years

Associations: A+ BBB Member

Accreditation: Private Care Association, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration #5661

Payment Method: Check, Debit, Discover, Insurance, Visa, Mastercard

Brands: Elder Care, Home Care, In Home Care, In-Home Care, Live In Care, Live-In Care

Other Areas Served: Home Health Services, Nurses-Advanced Practice-ARNP, Alzheimer's Care & Services, Nurses-Home Services, Eldercare-Home Health Services, Rehabilitation Services, Occupational Therapists, Nurses Registries, Physical Therapists, Assisted Living & Elder Care Services, Nurses, Senior Citizens Services & Organizations


All Addicts Anonymous

(888) 422-2476

Phone: (888) 422-2476

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Website: http://www.alladdictsanonymous.org

Other Areas Served: Counseling Services, Alcoholism Information & Treatment Centers, Eating Disorders Information & Treatment, Drug Abuse & Addiction Centers, Gambling Addiction-Information & Treatment


The Discovery House

(800) 608-6210

Phone: (800) 608-6210

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Brands: Addiction Treatment Facility, Alcohol Rehab, Alcohol Treatment Center, Alcohol Treatment Centers, Drug Detox, Drug Rehab, Drug Treatment Center

Other Areas Served: Rehabilitation Services, Crisis Intervention Service, Counseling Services, Drug Abuse & Addiction Centers, Alcoholism Information & Treatment Centers