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Cleveland House

845 Norton Ave, Mobile Al

(251) 679-7580

Phone: (251) 679-7580

Open Hours

Years in Business: 13 Years

Other Areas Served: Recreation Centers, Parks


Blakely State Park

34745 State Highway 225, Mobile Al

(251) 626-0798 | blakeleypark@aol.com

Phone: (251) 626-0798

Email: blakeleypark@aol.com

Open Hours

Website: http://www.blakeleypark.com

Years in Business: 37 Years

Payment Method: Amex, Discover

Other Areas Served: Nature Centers, Places Of Interest, Parks, Campgrounds & Recreational Vehicle Parks, State Parks


Quality Court Industries

(888) 975-8010 | mikesqci@cox.net

Phone: (888) 975-8010

Email: mikesqci@cox.net

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://www.qualitycourt.com

Years in Business: 17 Years

BBB Rating: A+

Neighborhoods Served: Scotlandville

Other Areas Served: Parks, Building Specialties, Stadiums, Playgrounds, Tennis Court Construction, Tourist Information & Attractions, Tennis Courts, Basketball Court Construction, Arenas & Athletic Fields


Mobile County Of

2402 W Rebel Rd, Mobile Al

(251) 574-3647

Phone: (251) 574-3647

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://petharbor.com

Other Areas Served: Parks, County & Parish Government, Government Offices


Veterans Affairs

1150 Government St, Mobile Al

(251) 574-8578

Phone: (251) 574-8578

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Neighborhoods Served: Georgia Avenue

Other Areas Served: County & Parish Government, Parks


Chickasabogue Park

760 Aldock Rd, Mobile Al

(251) 574-2267 | news5@wkrg.com

Phone: (251) 574-2267

Email: news5@wkrg.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://www.mobilecountyal.gov

Years in Business: 3 Years

Payment Method: Amex, Debit, Visa, All Major Credit Cards, Mastercard, Discover


Mobile County Of

554 S Royal St, Mobile Al

(251) 574-4444

Phone: (251) 574-4444

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://www.mobilecountyal.gov/government/govt_directory.html

Years in Business: 24 Years

Neighborhoods Served: Riverfront Industrial Area


Lavretta Art Center

200 Parkway St W, Mobile Al

(251) 460-2421

Phone: (251) 460-2421

Open Hours

Website: http://www.communityactivitiesprogram.com

Neighborhoods Served: Parkhill

Other Areas Served: Government Offices, Parks


Skidmore Park

624 Norton Ave, Mobile Al

(251) 675-3106

Phone: (251) 675-3106

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Years in Business: 13 Years

Other Areas Served: Parks, Recreation Centers


Mobile County Of

10121 Moffett Rd, Mobile Al

(251) 574-8040

Phone: (251) 574-8040

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Sat - SunClosed

Website: http://www.mobilecountyal.gov