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Bronx Health and Pain Management LTD

3626 Bailey Ave, Bronx

(718) 601-1713

Phone: (718) 601-1713

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Years in Business: 18 Years

Payment Method: Master Card, Visa

Other Areas Served: Internal Medicine, Physicians & Surgeons, Pain Management, Surgery-General, Neurology, Family Medicine & General Practice, Oncology


Haftel Brian Dr

3612 E Tremont Ave, Bronx

(718) 792-4877

Phone: (718) 792-4877

Open Hours

Years in Business: 17 Years

Other Areas Served: Public Health, Pain Management, Family Medicine & General Practice, Anesthesiology, Physicians & Surgeons


Cruz Banting Imelda MD PC

729 Pelham Pkwy N, Bronx

(718) 944-5050

Phone: (718) 944-5050

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Website: http://nydocpt.com

Years in Business: 16 Years

Payment Method: Master Card, Visa

Other Areas Served: Rehabilitation Services, Podiatrists, Surgery-General, Occupational Therapists, Sports Medicine, Family Medicine & General Practice, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy Clinics, Pain Management, Physicians & Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Neurology


Eisen, Deborah A, MD

3701 Henry Hudson Pkwy, Bronx

(718) 601-1540

Phone: (718) 601-1540

Open Hours

Website: http://www.riverdalewellness.com

Other Areas Served: Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Sleep Disorders, Podiatrists, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Physicians & Surgeons, Surgery-General, Pain Management, Public Health, Sports Medicine, Family Medicine & General Practice, Nose & Throat), Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Sleep Disorders-Information & Treatment, Dermatology, Allergy & Immunology, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Neurology, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Gynecology, Physical Therapists, Pediatrics


Minsheng Pain Management & Anesthesia

13618 39th Ave Ste 13618, Bronx

(718) 321-8066

Phone: (718) 321-8066

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Regular Hours


Website: http://www.minshengapm.com

Years in Business: 18 Years

Payment Method: Insurance

Other Areas Served: Physicians & Surgeons, Pain Management, Anesthesiology


Knee, Jonathan M DPM

4626 White Plains Rd, Bronx

(914) 667-2225

Phone: (914) 667-2225

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Website: http://www.mtvfoot.com

Years in Business: 19 Years

Payment Method: Check, Amex, Discover, Debit, Diners Club, Visa, Insurance, Mastercard, Jcb, Cash, Company Card

Other Areas Served: Podiatrists, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Dermatology, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Diabetes Educational, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Surgery-General, Diabetic Equipment & Supplies, Family Medicine & General Practice, Referral & Support Services, Orthopedics, Physicians & Surgeons


Richard Morel MD

5676 Riverdale Ave, Bronx

(718) 543-9000

Phone: (718) 543-9000

Open Hours

Website: http://sarcoidosishelpline.0catch.com

Other Areas Served: Endocrinology, Nephrology (Kidneys), Psychiatry, Gynecology, Cardiology, Pain Management, Rheumatology (Arthritis), Weight Loss Management, Physicians & Surgeons, Internal Medicine, Public Health, Family Medicine & General Practice, Neurology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Mental Health Services, Dermatology, Skin Care, Oncology, Physical Therapists, Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology


Essenmed Iocal Association

2445 Arthur Ave, Bronx

(718) 733-1999

Phone: (718) 733-1999

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Sat - SunClosed

Website: http://www.essenmd.com

Years in Business: 7 Years

Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards, Insurance, Master Card, Visa

Other Areas Served: Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Podiatrists, Pain Management, Dermatology, Surgery-General, Diabetes & Metabolism, Urgent Care, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Gastroenterology (Stomach & Intestines), Public Health, Ophthalmology, Physicians & Surgeons, Sports Medicine & Injuries Treatment, Nutritionists, Allergy & Immunology, Orthopedics, Physical Therapists, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Sports Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Nose & Throat), Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine & General Practice, Neurology


Professional Pain Management

4911 Arlington Ave, Bronx

(718) 796-1851

Phone: (718) 796-1851

Open Hours

Years in Business: 12 Years

Other Areas Served: Pain Management, Alternative Medicine & Health Practitioners, Physicians & Surgeons


Comprehensive Pain Management

55 Palmer Ave # 2, Bronx

(914) 395-1098

Phone: (914) 395-1098

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Sat - SunClosed

Other Areas Served: Physical Therapists, Physicians & Surgeons, Pain Management, Acupuncture