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Dr. Carson's Natural Healing Center

(888) 290-3363

Phone: (888) 290-3363

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Website: http://www.drvcarson.com

Years in Business: 23 Years

Payment Method: Visa, Mastercard

Other Areas Served: Counseling Services, Alternative Medicine & Health Practitioners, Hypnotherapy, Psychologists, Pain Management


Dr. Debra Olson-Warford

1055 W Columbia Way, Palmdale Ca

(661) 726-2000

Phone: (661) 726-2000

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Website: http://www.quantumhealthchiro.com

Years in Business: 26 Years

Associations: Member of ACA, ICA, and CCA Certificate of Completion-- Spinal Research Institute of San Diego in 2015

Payment Method: Check, Cash Only

Other Areas Served: Health & Wellness Products, Veterinary Specialty Services, Chiropractors & Chiropractic Services, Massage Therapists, Alternative Medicine & Health Practitioners


Psychic Love Expert by Penelope Prescott

(800) 578-8982 | psychic.penelope@yahoo.com

Phone: (800) 578-8982

Email: psychic.penelope@yahoo.com

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Website: http://lovepsychicpenelope.com/

Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards

Other Areas Served: Palmists, Holistic Practitioners, Spiritual Consultants, Psychics & Mediums, Astrologers


Diet Doc - HCG Diet

(888) 279-6465

Phone: (888) 279-6465

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Website: https://www.dietdoc.com

Years in Business: 9 Years

Payment Method: Visa, Amex, All Major Credit Cards, Mastercard, Discover, Check

Other Areas Served: Reducing & Weight Control, Naturopathic Physicians (ND), Alternative Medicine & Health Practitioners, Dietitians, Nutritionists