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Pelham Bay Child & Family Counseling Center

(718) 409-1047

Phone: (718) 409-1047

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Website: http://www.pelhambaycounselingcenter.com

Years in Business: 37 Years

Associations: National Association of Social Workers

Other Areas Served: Counseling Services, Family, Social Workers, Child & Individual Counselors, Marriage, Social Service Organizations


Urban Youth Alliance Int'l

1750 Westchester AVE, Bronx

(888) 828-5636

Phone: (888) 828-5636

Open Hours


Harlem United Community Aids

179 E 116th St, Bronx

(212) 987-3707

Phone: (212) 987-3707

Open Hours

Website: http://harlemunited.com

Years in Business: 3 Years

Other Areas Served: Child & Individual Counselors, Family, Counseling Services, Social Service Organizations, Marriage


Parenting Development

1088 Park Ave, Bronx

(212) 423-0532

Phone: (212) 423-0532

Open Hours

Years in Business: 34 Years

Other Areas Served: Counseling Services, Medical Clinics, Family, Marriage, Child & Individual Counselors


Salzer Linda A Acsw

174 Grand Ave, Bronx

(201) 569-7948

Phone: (201) 569-7948

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Years in Business: 36 Years

Payment Method: Master Card, Visa

Other Areas Served: Counseling Services, Marriage & Family Therapists, Marriage, Social Workers, Family, Child & Individual Counselors


Steinway Child & Family Services

421 27th Ave Ste 1, Bronx

(718) 956-1305

Phone: (718) 956-1305

Open Hours

Website: http://www.steinway.org

Other Areas Served: Counseling Services, Child & Individual Counselors, Family, Marriage


Stanley M Isaacs Neighborhood

1792 1st Ave, Bronx

(212) 360-7620

Phone: (212) 360-7620

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://www.isaacscenter.org

Years in Business: 54 Years

Payment Method: Master Card, Visa, Amex, Discover

Other Areas Served: Counseling Services, Marriage, Social Service Organizations, Family, Child & Individual Counselors


Family Preservation

1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx

(718) 410-6735

Phone: (718) 410-6735

Open Hours

Website: http://midbronx.org

Other Areas Served: Family Planning Information Centers, Marriage, Child & Individual Counselors, Counseling Services, Family


Womens Counseling

156 Sherwood Pl, Bronx

(201) 568-6072

Phone: (201) 568-6072

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://www.acenterfortherapy.com

Years in Business: 15 Years

Payment Method: Check, Insurance, Master Card, Visa


Dr. Mel Gluck

3736 Henry Hudson Pkwy, Bronx

(201) 894-5717

Phone: (201) 894-5717

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Website: http://drmelgluck.com

Payment Method: Debit, Discover, Master Card, Visa, Amex, Cash, Check

Other Areas Served: Marriage, Counseling Services, Family, Child & Individual Counselors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists