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Il Fornaio

600 Pine St Ste 132, Seattle Wa

| seattle@ilfo.com

Email: seattle@ilfo.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $$$

Website: http://www.ilfornaio.com

Years in Business: 3 Years

Payment Method: Discover, Visa, Amex, Mastercard

Other Areas Served: Caterers, Bakeries, Restaurants, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Breakfast


Ma's Place Restaurant

720 39th Ave SW, Seattle Wa

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $

Years in Business: 78 Years

Payment Method: Mastercard, Discover, Visa

Other Areas Served: Restaurants, Take Out Restaurants, Family Style Restaurants


Mel's Market

1001 4th Ave Ste 50, Seattle Wa

| sales@melspickup.com

Email: sales@melspickup.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $

Website: http://www.melspickup.com

Years in Business: 30 Years

Payment Method: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover

Other Areas Served: Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants, Health Food Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants, Delicatessens, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Vegan Restaurants, Chicken Restaurants, Sandwich Shops, Family Style Restaurants, Restaurants, Take Out Restaurants, American Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants


Pike Place Bar & Grill

90 Pike St, Seattle Wa

| info@pikeplacemarket.org

Email: info@pikeplacemarket.org

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $$

Website: http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/contact-us

Years in Business: 33 Years

Payment Method: Discover, Amex, Check

Other Areas Served: Bars, Breakfast, Brew Pubs, Take Out Restaurants, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants, American Restaurants, Barbecue Restaurants, Banquet Halls & Reception Facilities, Bar & Grills, Restaurants


Wedgwood Broiler

8230 35th Ave NE, Seattle Wa

| wedgwoodbroiler@yahoo.com

Email: wedgwoodbroiler@yahoo.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $$

Website: http://www.wedgwoodbroiler.com

Years in Business: 53 Years

BBB Rating: A+

Payment Method: Check, Amex, Discover, Visa, All Major Credit Cards, Master Card

Other Areas Served: Cocktail Lounges, Sandwich Shops, American Restaurants, Restaurants, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants, Steak Houses, Bars, Bar & Grills, Barbecue Restaurants, Breakfast, Family Style Restaurants, Taverns


Vios Cafe & Market Place

903 19th Ave E, Seattle Wa

| info@vioscafe.com

Email: info@vioscafe.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours


Price Range: $$

Website: http://www.vioscafe.com

Years in Business: 14 Years

Payment Method: Discover, Amex

Other Areas Served: Breakfast, Coffee Shops, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants, Restaurants, Family Style Restaurants, Delicatessens, Caterers


Lowell's Restaurant

1519 Pike Pl, Seattle Wa

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $$

Website: http://www.eatatlowells.com

Years in Business: 41 Years

Payment Method: Discover, Amex, Master Card, Visa, Mastercard

Other Areas Served: Restaurants, Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants, Family Style Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants


Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge

601 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle Wa

| toulousepetit@gmail.com

Email: toulousepetit@gmail.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $$

Website: http://www.toulousepetit.com

Years in Business: 9 Years

Payment Method: Discover


Pike Place Chowder

1530 Post Aly Ste 11, Seattle Wa

| larry@pikeplacechowder.com

Email: larry@pikeplacechowder.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $$

Website: Link

Years in Business: 15 Years

BBB Rating: A+

Payment Method: Cash, Travelers Checks

Other Areas Served: Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants, Breakfast, Take Out Restaurants, Caterers, American Restaurants, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants


Julia's on Broadway

300 Broadway E, Seattle Wa

| bigkarsten@aol.com

Email: bigkarsten@aol.com

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Price Range: $$

Website: http://juliasrestaurantseattle.com

Years in Business: 16 Years

Payment Method: Visa, Master Card

Brands: Lunch And Dinner, Wholesome Healthy Breakfast

Other Areas Served: American Restaurants, Brunch & Lunch Restaurants, Breakfast, Bar & Grills, Restaurants, Health Food Restaurants